Selective Laser Melting 2017-05-31T17:40:06+02:00

SLM Selective Laser Melting (DMLS)

[Aluminium – Titanium – Steel- CrCo]

Selective Laser Melting (SLM) is the most common metal 3D printing technologies. Just like SLS, these processes create objects from thin layers of powdered material by selectively melting it using a heat source. Due to the higher melting point of metals they require much more power – a high power laser in the case of SLM.
During the printing process, the machine distributes a layer of metal powder onto a build platform, which is melted by a laser (SLM).
The build platform is then lowered, coated with new layer of metal powder on top and the process is repeated until the object is fully
formed. SLM requires support structures, which anchors the object and overhanging structures to the build platform and enables heat transfer away from the melted powder. In addition, SLM takes place in a low oxygen environment, in order to reduce thermal stresses and prevent warping.