3D printing
and its countless
Discover the tangible and scalable benefits of additive manufacturing for any industry, thanks to the limitless possibilities offered by 3D printing technology.
Main Sectors
Our expertise enables us to carry out high-profile projects, while additive technologies open up the market to new possibilities, such as the production of lightweight and strong components in both metal alloys and technopolymers.
and Railway
We support the transportation industry with the production of customized and innovative components for public transportation and railway sector.
In the automotive sector, 3D printing offers advanced solutions for the design and production of parts. This technology enables detailed prototyping and production of custom parts, reducing production time and costs
3D printing contributes to competitiveness in motorsports by enabling the fabrication of customized, lightweight and aerodynamic components that are essential for performance on the track
Other sectors
Art and Culture
We help artists and museums create both physical and virtual reproductions, sculptures and replicas of artifacts and works using laser scanners and 3D printing.
We provide 3D printing for custom prosthetics, surgical instruments and anatomical models, revolutionizing health care.
and Interior Design
We support architects and designers with accurate and detailed 3D models, enhancing the visualization and design of their creations. We also offer 3D printing solutions for custom designs, decorations, and unique interior pieces
We provide 3D printing solutions for the production of electronic components, including prototypes and final parts
Fashion Design
We help fashion designers create unique and innovative accessories, jewelry and objects with 3D printing.
We provide 3D printing services for the production of custom ship parts, from exterior structural components to cabin interiors.