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PolyJet technology is a 3D printing method that offers high precision and the ability to use a wide range of materials and colors.
Because of these features, it is widely used in rapid prototyping, product design, model making, and other applications that require accurate detail and customization.
The result is a smooth surface finish and the ability to use multiple materials and colors in the same print.
Once the resin layer usually on the order of 16-30 microns is deposited, it is immediately exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, which hardens the material.
This process is repeated for each layer of the model until the object is fully formed.
Unlike other 3D printing methods, PolyJet technology does not require the use of rigid supports to maintain the shape of the object during printing, as the resin layers adhere to each other through photopolymerization.
A distinctive aspect of PolyJet technology is its ability to use different materials and colors simultaneously.
This makes it possible to create objects with different mechanical, aesthetic and functional characteristics in a single print.

Multicolor resins enable 3D printing with different shades of color in the same object. This makes it possible to create realistic models and prototypes, artistic and educational objects with a range of vibrant colors.
High definition resins are designed to provide the finest detail and a high quality surface finish. They are ideal for applications requiring precision and detail, such as architectural models, jewelry, design prototypes, and small components.
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